Wine Bars in Florence


Скоро...по русски
In Florence, D.V. is a name that signifies a trend for happy hour, with a  pleasant and sensual atmosphere. Opened in 1985, it has been a forerunner of the night locations, soon becoming the  prime happy hour spot.  It is a point of reference for happy hour and for after dinner drinks for the Florentines and for many foreigners as well. It is a place that has been know to renew itself after many years, changing its form and successive passages always with works of famous architects such as Simon Miller, Claudio Nardi e Gaetano Pesce, the latter a famous architect, designer and artist, now residing in NY. There is art everywhere, with photos and pictures shows that change every 15-30 days, which complement the ambiance with great style and is always increasing in its selection of news, events and exhibitions.
DV continues to be attractive for its bar (excellent cocktails & long drinks), the  two charming and comfortable rooms for conversation, (rooms are ideal for sipping a coffee or a selection of the many tea) and a special and super-stocked wine bar.  Aperitive  is accompanied by an extensive buffet and excellent  cuisine of  Mediterranean ethnicity. Weather permitting, the outdoor seating, overlooking the Carmine church, offers a perfect place for a  meeting, followed  by a nice dinner in one of the many nearby restaurants.
DV is a place that is continuously evolving, and is frequented by fashionable, trendy people who are passionate and attentive to details – people who are in search of emotion and who are fascinated by beauty. DV is full of energetic, sparkling people of all ages, therefore the nights never lack surprise. Also thanks to the DJ who always plays the best music. ;-)