Franco Balducci
Portfolio of Ceramist Franco Balducci.
[... There exists the concept of an objet created by hand as something one can "consign" to others:literally cum-signum (with a sign). The search for his individual sign is essential to the potter, capturing it in the combination of his own inspiration and effort with the infinite potential of the clay. Ceramic...]

Terry Davies 
Portfolio of Ceramist Terry Davies.
After a long and ambitious journey of self-discovery - designing, teaching, and working for studios in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA - Terry is  at home here in Tuscany, where
He applies his25 years’ experience to the development of a greater understanding of the art of ceramics.
[... The environment in which I live inspires me with great energy and I feel that the work I am now producing is a dynamic integration of the influences of all my world travels. In my Tuscan home, surrounded by ancient ceramics collected from the Orient and Pre-Colombian South America, I now look back on those years as an invaluable training ground.As a potter, there is an overwhelming feeling inside me of working in a medium closely linked to the ancient past. I would like to think that I translate this in my work, but with the added excitement of a fresh and modern approach...]